Beautiful guitar straps

overdrivestraps - guitar strapsAs a musician it is very important to look good during gigs and other performances. You can achieve this by wearing the perfect clothes and owning the stage. But it is also possible to bring something extra by using beautiful guitar straps. With the beautiful straps by Overdrive Straps you will undoubtedly receive many compliments from fans and supporters in the audience. It also looks good to use these guitar straps when you are being photographed. This way you will be able to show many people these perfect new straps. The guitar straps are being made by hand and work well in any setting. They are used all over the world. By using good guitar straps you’ll have no problem standing on stage for the entire evening. The guitar straps are solidly made, you don’t have to be scared that something will go wrong during the performance. The straps won’t break and your guitar will remain safe. You can order the beautiful straps made by Overdrive Straps online. It is possible to pay in many different ways. For example by iDeal when you live in the Netherlands. Every payment is safe, also when you want to pay from abroad. As soon as you have placed your order it will be processed. You will receive your selected guitar straps as soon as possible. This means that you don’t have to wait long before you can secure your new straps to your guitar. The result will be perfect. Undoubtedly you want to be seen with these straps. The guitar straps are made from different materials. Mostly a combination of the finest leather with fabrics in different patterns. This fabric is also of the highest quality. The combination of these materials makes for a very firm strap. Some of the patterns on the fabric are very retro looking and will complete the look you’re going for. Every beautiful guitar deserves a fantastic strap and with these straps you definitely got the best ones out there. You can chose from many different patterns. The strap has a very nice finish because of the combination of the two materials, the fabric is being sown onto the leather straps. You can also choose guitar straps that are completely made of leather, but the different retro models are really quite something. For example the ‘Woodstock’ guitar straps. These straps are truly flower power. It’s like going back to the sixties. There are a lot of different patterns, the ‘Maya Forest Green straps are also wonderful. It is possible to choose the colour of the buckles for your new guitar straps.

Guitar straps for every occasion

Beautiful guitar straps made by Overdrive Straps are good for every occasion. For instance, you can chose the ‘Boho Chic’ model or the cool ‘Mojo Vibe’. You can see the different guitar straps online. When you know which straps you want to buy, you can place your order en pay. You will receive your new straps quickly. They will be sent to your home address. You can buy several very nice accessories for your guitar. For example special blocks. These are called ‘Beer Washers’ and look wonderful on the guitar. They give some extra colour and are quite cheap, only 50 cents for 2. You can even buy a few at the same time for future use. You don’t have to pay extra for delivery when you order them together with your guitar straps. Apart from Beer Washers, you can also buy plectrums. These are high quality and will last for years. They’re also cheap and can be sold in different quantities. When you own an old acoustic guitar it can be difficult to put the straps in place. Usually there is only one place to secure the strap. However it is possible to buy the nice guitar straps, you can secure them in a different way. For instance, you can use a leather string especially made for this purpose. You connect the end of the strap to the neck of the guitar with the string. This means a continuation of style which is important for your overall image. The leather lace is very solid and of an outstanding quality. Because the colours match with the leather of the strap it looks very nice. The laces are provided with a special coating. This means that you can easily tie a knot in the string, it will not come loose halfway through your performance. It would of course be horrible to lose your guitar when you have only just started. With the nice leather laces there is nothing to worry about.

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Ordering from abroad

You can order the products that you have chosen from the Netherlands. But it is also possible to order them from a different country. When you order online you can easily choose the correct country. This way you can be certain that your new guitar straps won’t be sent somewhere halfway across the world to a wrong place. The prices in the web shop are given in euro’s, but you can easily change the currency. Because of the different ways you can pay it is quite easy to place your order. Your straps will be delivered in a nice looking parcel and can also be given as a gift.