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CBD for dummies

CBD for dummies. Do you belong to this group? Then this article is perfect for you. The combination of the letters B, C and D is at the front of the alphabet. If the letters are scrambled slightly, one arrives at an abbreviation that has a special meaning. The order of the letters CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is the second most common active ingredient of cannabis (weed or hash), which comes from the cannabis Sativa plant. However, this substance does not have any psychoactive effects, but it does influence the efficacy of the THC substance, from which you get ‘high’. These two substances have many similarities with the substances 2-AG and anandamide and affect the cannabinoid system of the human body. In cognitive functioning, motor control and the immune system this system emerges as one of the influencers. Although CBD is almost impossible to find in Dutch weed, the substance is still used for other purposes.

The functioning of CBD

The reason CBD is no longer filtered out of weed is that it may have an inhibiting effect on the effects of THC. This applies in any case if both substances are administered at the same time. If CBD is administered prior to THC, the first increases the effect of the second. Apparently, CBD reduces the ability of THC to be broken down by inhibiting certain enzymes. This ensures a longer duration of the effect of THC. The lower the CBD level, the greater the risk that the use of hash or weed can have serious consequences, such as psychosis. Dutch weed is therefore potentially more dangerous than the foreign variety. THC and CBD bind to the same type of receptors in the brain, but both do so in a different place. This ensures that CBD only alters the efficacy of the cannabinoid system.

CBD – a medical miracle cure

Although CBD has had to give up its place in the weed, it has acquired a new purpose. Nowadays, it is increasingly used as a medication for various complaints, such as pain of any kind, epilepsy, trouble sleeping, anxiety and psychosis. If the substance is used in this way, it is done in the form of CBD oil. About the risks of using CBD, the following information can be given. At the moment the use of CBD oil with only CBD seems to have few side effects. If cannabis oil also contains other constituents, especially THC, this is a different story. A psychoactive effect can be expected from this type of CBD oil. In addition, increased heart rate, red eyes, dizziness and dry mouth are the most common side effects of CBD oil with THC. These side effects are more common in autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, schizophrenia, pregnancy and in young people under the age of twenty. In addition, the influence of cannabis oil on medication, such as reduced efficacy, or potentiation of side effects, should be taken into account. This is mainly due to the fact that medication sometimes affects the proteins in the liver, which are needed to break down CBD. More information? Take a look at