Company formation in Netherlands is now easier than ever

Company formation in Netherlands is now easier than everOne of the most recurrent psychological and physical issue in our modern world is the burnout. Several studies of the past year show worrying statistical numbers: in young people over 21 and under 35, more than 70% of the investigated poll of people have experienced a burnout at least once in their life. The people who participated in these studies selected one reason beyond all the other for their burnout, namely, working for superiors that require tasks to be done in an extremely short time, and therefore, having no time to rest even during weekends. Unsurprisingly, most of the people who are part of the remaining 30% work for themselves: they either have their own companies and therefore, they put the pressure on their employees, or they are freelancers who work at their own pace. In Europe, one of the countries where freelancers and small companies are supported by the government with many starting benefits, is the Netherlands. If you are already living here, or you are considering relocating to a Dutch city in order to open your own company, you should certainly research how company formation in Netherlands functions. Although you are probably busy setting up your business proposal, details and management scheme, you should not forget to check the process of company formation in Netherlands. Nevertheless, if you do not have time to do so, there are specialized firms in company formation in Netherlands who are able to inform you on everything you should know before opening a business, and even open the business for you. One example of such a company experienced in company formation in Netherlands is On this user friendly website, you will find all the information you need, from how to start a Dutch company, to the type of legal and accounting services they offer.

Lawyers in Netherlands is your best partner in the process of company formation in Netherlands

Lawyers in Netherlands helped clients from more than 30 countries through the process of company formation in Netherlands. Whether you are a national of a European country or not, it does not matter because Lawyers in Netherlands has experience with many non-Europeans clients. While providing full support, advice and information throughout the process of company formation in Netherlands, this firm also ensures the following:

  • Advice and guidance on the business establishment
  • Assisting with immigration procedures
  • Assisting with bank account and VAT applications
  • Establishing contacts with local potential customers in new markets
  • Greater turnover, due to marketing strategy and advisory
  • Setup of a corporate structure which is optimal for you
  • Services with a focus on making it easier for your business internationally; arranging of legal entities, tax number, bank account and secretarial support
  • Structuring of total bookkeeping

You are only one click away from accomplishing your company formation in Netherlands. For your health and peace of mind, decide today to open your own business!

Work for yourself and feel the difference

Whether you are a writer, a singer, a cook, an accountant or a language teacher, it is always better to work for yourself. You get to pick your schedule, your hourly or monthly fare, your clients and your holidays. You are so free as a freelancer, that you can decide to go traveling while working a few hours a day from your computer to ensure that you continue having income coming in for even more traveling. You will never have to work for a superior who asks your attention more than your own life: leave all that behind today!