Do you want a Dutch bv?

Intercompany Solutions is a company that can help you with setting up your Dutch BV. To them it does not matter what kind of company you want, what kind of products you want to sell or how big you want your company to become; the people working at Intercompany Solutions can help you! A lot of different business types are known in the Netherlands. An example is a Dutch BV. You can choose between a Dutch BV and a Dutch NV. A Dutch BV is a private liability company. A Dutch NV is also known as a public liability company. Now you might ask yourself: what is a private liability company exactly? A private company does not have their stock available for public purchase on the stock exchange. This is a big difference between a Dutch NV and a Dutch BV. A Dutch NV has the stock available for public purchase. A Dutch BV has to be registered in the Dutch Trade Register to be legal and active at the Dutch market. 

A Dutch BV: does it fit me?

You might be wondering if a Dutch BV is the best option for you and your company to start or grow in the Netherlands. Maybe you are doubting between a Dutch BV and a Dutch NV. But how do you know which one fits your company and your needs the best? Do not worry! The people working at Intercompany Solutions can help you with your choice! You might want to start as a private company first and then change to a public one once your company is bigger or once you are ready to go on the public market. You can also have the problem that your company is not capable of meeting the requirements of being a public company. This will mean that you have to start off as a private company. Once you are ready and capable of meeting the requirements, you can go public and become a Dutch BV. If you are still wondering which type of company fits you the best? Then you can contact the people working at Intercompany Solutions. They can help you with making your choice!

Company formation in the Netherlands with help from Intercompany Solutions

After reading everything on the website of Intercompany Solutions, you might be interested in their help or in working together with them to build your business. Intercompany Solutions can offer you:

  • They can incorporate your Dutch BV quickly and provide a lot of services.
  • Setting up your Dutch BV can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days. 
  • The people working at Intercompany Solutions can help you with your taxes. 
  • The people working at Intercompany Solutions are able to get a VAT number to go with your new company in the Netherlands. 
  • If you do not come from Europe, the people from Intercompany Solutions can help you get a visa which enables you to travel to the Netherlands to set up your Dutch BV.

You can get a lot more information about setting up a Dutch BV or working together with Intercompany Solutions at their website.