Eliminate respiratory problems with a professional air cleaner

Almost all people suffering from respiratory problems benefit from clean air, that is free from viruses, pollen or allergens. If you experience repiratory issues on a regular or even daily basis, an air cleaner might be a quick and easy solution to feel healthier. Air cleaners made by Winix are designed to clear the air from aforementioned particals. Winix has developed several air cleaners that are suitable for use at home. These can help prevent, alleviate or eliminate problems such as:

  • Astma
  • Allergies
  • Pneumonia related issues
  • Shortness of breath
  • COPD

Winix offers different types of cleaners for different environments. On the website you will find all Winix products with important information on air filtering. Some filters are suitable for smaller spaces, whereas others can be used in larger living spaces or offices. 

Winix air cleaner: functions

All Winix air cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters for an efficient and thourough filtering of the air in your home. Up to 99.7% of the air in your space is filters by a Winix air cleaner. Furthermore, the cleaner uses a carbon filter and odor sensor, indicates the quality of air with small lights on the air purifier and a timer can be used to automatically switch off the cleaner. The air cleaner can also be used in your bedroom or the bedroom of your child. The cleaner is simply turned on and functions silently. While you sleep, the Winix air cleaner cleans the air for you. This makes sleeping easier when you or one of your family members is suffering from respiratory problems. Winix cleaners come in different series. An air cleaner from the Winix Zero series is suitable for smaller rooms, whereas the Winix Tower cleaner can be used for larger rooms. If you are looking for an air purifier and a device that humidifies your room, one of our air humidifiers might be a good solution for your home. We are more than happy to help you in your search for the right air cleaner for you and your family. Please contact us for more information on our products. You can also visit our website for more information about air cleaners and the effect of an air purifier on different respiratory diseases.


Of course, you want a working air cleaner and information about the quality of air inside your home. With the Smartapp from Winix it is easy to monitor the air quality in your rooms at all time. The app is used on your smartphone and gives you real time information on the quality of air. This gives you the opportunity to adjust settings on your cleaner. It is even possible to monitor the air quality when you are not at home. The Smartapp directly connects you to your Winix air cleaner. This ensures a working cleaner, even when you are away. Order your Winix air purifier today or ask one of our employees to set you up with one of our products and the special Smartapp. With Winix, the air quality in your home is guaranteed, for the wellness of you and your family. Visit our website for more information and order your Winix product today.