How to register a company in the Netherlands?

If you plan to register a company in the Netherlands you really need to know some basic laws, the rules of the Dutch system and the what the Dutch Chamber of Commerce expects from you. You simply can’t start a business without taking a few important steps and registering your company in the way you should. It doesn’t matter wether you’re planning to move to the Netherlands or have already settled here, though it usually helps when you are physically already in the Netherlands, so you can have a face to face appointment at one of the businesses that can help you, like They are a professional player when it comes to setting up a Dutch business, and the one to go to when you plan to register a company in the Netherlands. They are an expert in guiding and informing foreign entrepreneurs and offer an all-in service when it comes to starting a business here, in Holland. On their website you can already find a lot of information when it comes to doing business, like the Dutch tax rates, the VAT rate on goods and services and why setting up a business in the Netherlands is so interesting for foreign entrepreneurs. The Dutch economy is booming, so you really shouldn’t hesitate when thinking about where to settle.

Why register a company in the Netherlands

Like mentioned earlier, the Dutch economy is booming, and not only that. In the Netherlands it is fairly easy to set up a business and start making a living. The most important reasons why you should register your company in the Netherlands are for example:

  • In the Netherlands you only pay 20% corporate tax, almost the lowest rates in Europe!
  • You pay 0% VAT for business between EU member states and countries.
  • The Netherlands ranks 3rd place in Forbes Global Business list.
  • The Netherlands has a very high trust rate, which makes doing business worldwide very easy.
  • It is relatively easy to migrate to the Netherlands.

Also, it’s very easy and totally legal to work remotely and only register your company in the Netherlands to (after that) travel the world. You can simply register your business as a remote formation, and enjoy all the wonderful places our world has to offer, while officially doing business in the Netherlands.

What company formation to choose in Holland?

If you want to register a company in the Netherlands but you’re not sure how, or you have doubts about the company formation that you should choose, you should definitely get some help. Intercompany Solutions is a business that focusses on foreign entrepreneurs that wish to settle in the Netherlands, and they know everything about how to do this. They are obviously used to work internationally and so there’s no need to learn Dutch before you contact them about your business. Someone will help you personally in the language of your preference and give you all the advise and information you need to register your company in the Netherlands. Now all you need to do is make a great plan and then you’re ready to start doing business in our beautiful country!