The importance of an anti static conveyor belt

I realise that not everybody in the world needs an anti static conveyor belt. When you need one, though, you really need one. An anti static conveyor belt is a highly specialised item. In the factory that I run, producing small and sensitive computer parts, it is also an absolutely crucial item. It makes the difference between saleable products and completely useless products which no one would ever buy. Yet a good anti static conveyor belt is hard to find. I have been through several different brands and types with wildly varying success. Some seemed to produce more static than a normal, not anti static conveyor belt. Others worked well for a time, before failing and producing static again, damaging the products moving along them. By the time that you discover that an anti static conveyor belt is producing static, it can lead to many thousands of pounds worth of damage. My computer parts simply do not work if they have been exposed to static, and we only find out during the testing phase. Of course we perform the tests as quickly as possible, but when production is high we can lose a lot of units to static damage before it is discovered.

What is the difference between a good anti static conveyor belt and a bad one

This might seem like an obvious point, but the biggest priority for an anti static conveyor belt is that it does not produce, nor pick up, static electricity. This is highly dependant on the materials from which it is made. Other priorities include:

  • Durability;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to repair;
  • Good value.

Finding an anti static conveyor belt that meets 2 or 3 of these conditions is not too difficult. The problem that we have faced in my factory is finding one that meets all of these demands, and being able to order it in the size and volume that we required. Many companies were only able to supply specific sizes which did not meet our needs, or belts of inferior quality which would become damaged and fray at the edges far too quickly. Other types are impossible to repair if they are damaged or weigh far more than we would like, increasing the energy consumption of our machines and therefore our costs of production. We tried various different companies and various different types of belts before we finally found one that we could rely on to protect our products and function well for a long period of time.

Our solution

The company that was finally able to meet all of our requirements was a Dutch company called Hardick. On their website,, they make some bold claims about their anti static conveyor belt possibilities, but it is fair to say that they meet each one of these claims. The belts that they have supplied to us have been by far the best quality that we have received and installed, and we are yet to encounter a single failure despite many months of virtually constant use. Installing the anti static conveyor belts supplied by Hardick has certainly saved our company a huge amount of money by ensuring that our products suffer absolutely no damage from static electricity and by allowing our machines to run uninterrupted. They provide clear information about their products and the service is friendly and helpful. Delivery has always been prompt and we are yet to have a single complaint about quality or service. We would highly recommend ordering from Hardick if your company is reliant on an anti static conveyor belt for production.

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