What is a sealing belt?

The Dutch language is very unique. One word can have several meanings. You often need the context to understand what is meant by a word at that moment. This is also called pragmatism.
An example is the word sealing. When you hear the word sealing, you may think of the dentist first. Sealing at the dentist means that the dots and grooves of the teeth are filled with a fissure lacquer. It is a preventive treatment to prevent cavities. But sealing can also involve products. Or rather: the packaging of products. In this case, products are packaged with plastic film to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transport, for example. In a sense, both forms have to do with protection. You can read about this at

The use of a sealing belt

When direct heat is applied to pack goods, it is best to use a sealing belt. A sealing belt is specially designed for such a heat process. 

A sealing belt consists of two different layers of PTFE-coated glass fabric. PFTE, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a technical plastic. It is the type of plastic with the lowest coefficient of friction. The fabric is available in different shapes. Namely: foil, cavity, sheet and bar form. The fabric was discovered in 1983 by Roy Plunkett. Polytetrafluoroethylene is also known as Teflon. This is the best-known brand.
A sealing tape is therefore provided with two different layers. These two layers are laminated together and have non-stick properties. In addition, the surface is heat resistant. Together this ensures that during the sealing process the plastic does not melt and therefore does not accumulate and then stick to the tape.
It is a good idea to use a sealing bell, because if you do not do this, you run the risk of products sticking to the belt. This often leads to negative consequences, such as delays during the process. It can even be financially annoying.


Where can you use a sealing tape? A sealing belt is, as indicated above, mainly used in the packaging industry. However, PTFE sealing belts have also been successfully welcomed in other industries. Products where they are also used successfully are: food products, baking products, rubber products and the automotive industry.
Where can you buy a sealing belt?
Would you like to buy a sealing belt? Or are you still in doubt about the purchase? Here are some of the advantages of buying a sealing belt:

  • It has a non-stick PTFE surface;
  • it is heat resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius;
  •  it is lightweight;
  • and it is energy efficient.

This product is available in physical shops as well as online. A specialised company that is ideally suited to buy a sealing bell is Hardick. Besides providing you with a good quality product, you can also contact them for all your questions. Of course they are also happy to give you advice. If you already know exactly what you want to order, you can easily fill in the contact form on the website. You will then be contacted about the order within twenty-four hours. Hardick is based in Enschede.