Why would you choose a virtual office in Amsterdam?

There is a good chance that you have never considered that a virtual office in Amsterdam could be advantageous for your business. If your business is based in a small town, however, you have almost certainly noticed that companies based in large cities appear to have some unfair advantages, particularly in attracting larger clients. As illogical as it may be or as irrational as it may seem, clients will often have more faith in a company based in a large business or financial centre, even if it should have no affect on the functioning of the business. If you recognise this situation, a virtual office in Amsterdam may be something that you should seriously consider. A virtual office in Amsterdam is a way to have an address with the gravitas of a large business and financial centre without the costs. Clients will likely rank your company higher in terms of reliability and expectations simply based on a different address. A virtual office in Amsterdam can broaden your potential marketplace and increase your revenue without any physical changes to the functioning or location of your business. There is also increased potential for outside investment for a business which has a virtual office in Amsterdam compared to a smaller, lesser known town or city, particularly from foreign investors. All of this is possible without the high costs of office space rental in the Dutch business capital.

Establishing a virtual office in Amsterdam

It is perfectly legal to have a virtual office in Amsterdam, or any other city in the Netherlands. There are, however, some particular requirements that must be met. One of these requirements is to have substance, an actual presence or reason to be in the city. This can include:

  • Physical space such as meeting rooms;
  • A postal address;
  • Staff based in the city;
  • Maintenance and storage of documents.

These requirements are easily met with help from another company already based in the city. One such company that is able to help with each stage of establishing a virtual office in Amsterdam is Easystart Office, a company specialised in all aspects of business registration and management in the Netherlands from abroad. Their website,, offers a range of services, including aid in the process of setting up a virtual office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Their physical presence in these cities and their experience in the process means that they are able to assist quickly and efficiently, meaning that you can establish your presence in the large financial centres with minimal fuss and time-investment. They offer 3 different packages at different levels for those looking to benefit from a virtual office in Amsterdam and they look to make the process as easy as possible.

Doing it yourself

While the Dutch government is particularly business-friendly and makes the majority of business-related processes simple compared to most other large economies, establishing a virtual office in Amsterdam is more complicated than other similar processes, such as establishing a holding company. That is due to the need for a physical presence. If you wish to have a virtual presence in the city, there is no avoiding the rental of some form of physical space with an address. While this is possible, it comes at an astronomical price in a city such as Amsterdam. The time and effort necessary to find an appropriate space very quickly outweighs the investment in the expertise provided by businesses such as Easystart Office. That is why we strongly recommend cooperating with experts rather than attempting to go it alone.