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The Netherlands company register

When you want to have your own Dutch company, you will have to register in the Netherlands company register, also known as the Kamer van Koophandel. This is where all the companies that work within this country are registered. It is not only the place to go when you want to register your own company, but also when you want to obtain certain information about other companies that are registered in this country.

  • Business names
  • Activities
  • Registrations numbers

You can even take it as far as obtaining their accounting information (at an additional cost). This can come in handy in different situations. For example: you want to add your business to the Netherlands company register. You will have to find out first if your idea and the company name that you have in mind do not already exist in the Netherlands company register. For this you simply search the name of the company you are thinking of. Do you want to know who your direct competition will be? Just search for the activities that you will be doing and you will find out in no time. You can search through the entire country, but also just a specific area. This is very useful when you are making a business model.

How to register in the Netherlands company register

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Get your free initial consultation

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