Fireworks for consumers

Here at Dynamic Fireworks we have a vast range of fireworks for sale, so you will always find something that fits your needs. We sell consumer fireworks, which you can purchase online or from our showroom. We have showrooms in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk, so you can always come to our store. Here our experts will tell you everything about the fireworks we sell, so you can make the best choice. However, we offer everything on our website, so you can orientate yourself on what you want. Here you can order too, so you can quickly get what you want. Almost every item on our website has an accompanying video with the effect of the firework, so you know what you can expect. We also create professional displays for special occasions, such as weddings, parties and other occasions. We run these displays ourselves, so you get all the amazing spectacle, with minimal effort. We can create a display that fits your theme, or you can choose from one of our preselected packages.

Spectacular fireworks

One of our most wanted items are our rockets. These are iconic pieces of fireworks that really show off high up in the sky. For a lot of people this will be the piece of firework that cannot be excluded from their celebrations. We therefore offer many different kinds of rockets, for everyone’s liking. Some are sold separately, or in a pack. And in that pack the colours can vary between the rockets, so you get a lot of variety in just one single pack. Our rockets are of a very high quality, ensuring a stable flight and a good and wide explosion so you get the best results. Besides rockets we offer the very popular barrages and cakes, which also shoot up in the sky and explode there in a vast array of sparks and colours. The difference is that a rocket will shoot up higher and explode larger, but can only be fired one at a time, at a time you have to take care of. However, with a barrage or cake this is all done automatically with one fuse. You light the one fuse and using a system of connected fuses several shots are fired up in the air in succession. These shots create an amazing lightshow together, with minimal effort. This way you can enjoy a professional light show, for a discount price. We have barrages and cakes in all kinds of price ranges and with different colours and effects. And because you can preview every barrage and cake on our website with our videos, you always know what you will get. We have smaller fireworks too, for when you want a show lower to the ground. With wheels, ice fountains, candles, fountains and mines you can still enjoy fireworks, for a lower price. These pieces are smaller and lower to the ground, but because they are closer to your eyes too you do need a big explosion. So without using big explosions you can still create an amazing show. These fireworks are therefore for everyone who is looking to create a show that is easy to access and for everyone.

For special occasions

We also offer displays that we execute and design ourselves, so you enjoy the best displays on your party or wedding. Our experts have been trained intensively and have been working in the business for years. They keep up with the latest in the pyrotechnic industry so they can give you the best fireworks show you will ever see. We take special care of spectator safety, so you can enjoy the show in the best way: safely. Our specialisation is weddings: we have several wedding display packages with certain themes. This way you can always find something that matches the style and theme of your wedding. Together with you we can create a jaw-dropping beautiful wedding display that will make your wedding perfect. And if you are looking for a fireworks display that is not as loud as usual we have you covered too: our Whisper Works package gives you all the beautiful visuals, but mutes the sound. For some couples this is the perfect way to enjoy their wedding. There are other possibilities too, such as using your favourite music and choreographing the fireworks to it. And if you want just a short burst of fireworks we have got that possibility too. That way you can really make your wedding go out with a bang, in just a few seconds of lighting up the sky. This might just be the perfect ending to your wedding. No matter what you are looking to buy, if it is a wedding display or just some simple consumer fireworks, Dynamic Fireworks offers the best discount prices in the country. Here you can be sure that you pay the lowest possible price, because we offer discounts on almost everything. And we have sales going on anytime, so you can get that bit more for your money. If you are really looking to get bang for your buck then the discount display packs are for you. These packages include a lot of fireworks, with a huge discount. We have display packs in different price ranges, each one with a big discount. Included are a lot of barrages, cakes and rockets and the equipment you need to fire these pieces. We also include a firing order, which we have personally tested. This way you do need to figure out how the fireworks work together, but you can enjoy the best fireworks show just in your backyard.

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